A Career
In Review

This is mostly for my personal preservation of what i've been working on through out the month and how it has progressed.

early days
2009 - 2015
Growing up in Byron Bay, I'd spent my teen years in fine dining at The Figree Tree working in both the kitchen (cooking) and the bar (flirting).

This job taught me a lot about hard work (typically working 60-80 hour weeks..yeah, 16 hour days) as well as the confidence to think for myself and seek out jobs that needed doing.
From here I took off to Brighton, England and begun managing a small health food shop and this was where I was introduce to the business side of things.

This role taught me all about managing people and how extremely complicated that can be.

(picture in a cereal cafe in London, not the health food shop)

After a year of England, I got the first taste of my career in Shanghai, China at The Mailman Group - one of Chinas biggest marketing agencies for western companies.

I took up a designer/developer role here, In hindsight I really sucked at it, but I guess they liked having me around regardless?
On a trip to Dubai to renew my Chinese visa, I was scouted by Amongst Few to run their online store and that's exactly what I did for the next 2 years.

In this role, I was focused a lot more on digital marketing than design and development.
During a trip home to Australia in 2018, I joined my friends at a birthday dinner, during this dinner I needed to get some cash from an ATM. On my way, I saw a completely packed barbershop, and about 100m from that, another fully packed barbershop and that got me thinking. Maybe I should open a barbershop, so myself and Khalid did.

Welcome to life Unison Barber
3 months after opening unison, a deal was struck to open another location in Bikers Cafe with them in their cafe.
A rusted barbershop from the outside of the door
reef cuts
Next up was Reef Cuts - a barbershop located in Surf House Dubai to mark barbershop number 3.
Two men standing with their back turned measuring cinder blocks
A barber chair on a tiled floor
Weighing up my options of being stuck alone during a pandemic in my Dubai apartment vs wait it out in my family home in rural Australia. I picked the latter and begun an extremely busy freelancing career as every business needed to launch online overnight.
After freelancing for some time for Joolca, they made me an offer I guess I couldn't or didn't refuse.
3 men sitting in an unfilled blowup pool